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This page contains photos of some of my favourite cemetery angels.
Cemeteries represented here are :

Rookwood, Sandgate, Waverley, NSW, Australia
Melbourne General, Kew (Booroondara), VIC, Australia
Abney Park, Kensal Green, Highgate, London (UK)
Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa (Italy)


There are nine choirs of angels organised in three hierarchies.
The first hierarchy comprises the Seraphim, Cherubim & Thrones.
The second hierarchy comprises the Dominions, Virtues & Powers.
The Third hierarchy comprises the Principalities, Archangels & Angels.

Angels are supernatural beings who are intermediaries between God and humans. They are beautiful, intelligent, exempt from suffering, have free will and rejoice in good works. Usually depicted with wings and clothed in loose garments, sometimes bearing weapons or other utensils and symbols. Some traditions indicate that all angels existed prior to creation, others that they are created anew every day. Before the FALL they were interchangable with demons. There are angels of the Apocalypse, Death, Destruction, Fire, Hell, Mercy, Peace, Truth and of the Zodiac. Guardian angels are assigned to each human being.

Important individual angels include:

Gabriel - Archangel of Vengeance.
Michael - Archangel of Death, leads souls into eternity.
Raphael - Archangel of Mercy and repentance.
Uriel - the Flame of God, stands at the gates of Paradise.
Some others are Nathanael, Muriel, Jehoel and Orifiel - the angel of chaos.

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