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Cemeteries are one of the most interesting types of things around. Why ?
Well, for history, for sculpture, for landscape, for belief systems. For monuments + burials, symbolism, and the "social history" of death and mourning culture.

As items of material culture cemeteries and burial grounds are extremely important. They are evolving and dynamic cultural landscapes within a broader social context that provide primary physical evidence relevant to the interpretation of attitudes to death and associated values across society . Cultural markers for the prevailing identity of the entire community, cemeteries have important implications as specially designed and created repositories of material evidence considered appropriate for the commemoration of the dead by the living community.
Most cemeteries are publicly owned, and generally accessible. Cemeteries provide a valuable resource for passive recreation and for the understanding of local and wider history. A visit to most cemetery sites will prove rewarding, giving the chance to experience diverse aspects of the past such as attitudes to death, symbolism, craft and trade skills, and landscape design practices, as well as giving an insight into the history of the surrounding community.

The urls below will take you to some of the worlds grooviest sites celebrating life and commemorating mortality.
And this page (like the rest of my website) is in black and purple - the Victorian Era mourning colours ... ;-) ....


Famous Graves
Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney, Australia
Mays Hill Cemetery , Sydney, Australia
Waverley Cemetery , Sydney, Australia
Highgate Cemetery , London
Arlington National Cemetery, USA
Staglieno Cemetery, Genova, Italy
Le Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise, Paris, France [website in French]
Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France [website in English]
The Virtual Pet Cemetery
Cemetery Culture: City of the Silent [heaps of links]
The Tombstone Traveller's Guide

Some expressions (euphemisms) for BEING DEAD:
*Passed Away* *Gone West* *Kicked the Bucket* *Fell off the Twig*
*Seen Your Last Birthday* *Pushing Up the Daisies* *Fell Asleep*
*Shooting Into the Calendar* *Become A Landowner*
*Gone to Grass with Your Teeth Up* *Stick Your Spoon in the Wall*
*Been put to Bed with a Mattock and Tucked Up with a Spade*
*Gone to the Diet of Worms*
*Gone to Keep an Ironmonger's Shop beside the Common*
*Gone to wear the wardrobe of Dusty Clothes* *Wearing a Marble Hat*
*Taking an Earth Bath*

*Dancing at the Sheriff's Ball* *In the Sheriff's Picture Frame*
*Having a Wry Neck Day* *Swinging on Nothing*
*Kicking the Clouds Before the Hotel Door*

*Gone to Grin in a Glass Case*
(to be dissected/anatomised after being hanged for murder)

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